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What We Do About Us

Strategic Solutions for Your Needs

No matter the size or complexity of your company’s plan, National Associates, Inc. is qualified to help consult, design, install and administer on every issue of your retirement program.


With our ever-changing economic and regulatory environment, National Associates, Inc. provides a wide range of consulting solutions to meet your needs.

How We Help With Consulting

  • Analyzing your plan due to changes in your business, developments in the employee benefit field, or changes in government regulations and Social Security benefits.
  • Developing enhancements to your retirement plan based upon tax-deduction needs and changes in the tax laws.
  • Evaluating your pension liabilities and benefit costs in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and plan terminations.
  • Determining costs and emerging liabilities for various post-retirement benefits as your auditors may determine are required.


Our unique diagnostic technique takes the guesswork out of retirement plan design, meaning your benefit plans will be customized to your workforce and fit within your budget.

How We Help With Designing

In designing or revising a plan that best suits your needs and objectives, the process begins by preparing a study of your organization that analyzes any existing employee benefit plans, the demographics of your employee group, and discussing your company’s goals and objectives for your workforce.

By working together, we can develop a benefit strategy that exactly fits your objectives.

Once the strategy is formulated and approved, our next step is to prepare preliminary studies for your review. Your company’s retirement plan will be designed so the greatest possible employee incentives and employer tax advantages can be realized.

After a thorough review, the final plan will be custom designed to precisely meet your objectives and specifications.


After the final specifications of your benefit plan have been approved by you, a team of National Associates, Inc. consultants and other staff members will coordinate the smooth implementation of your retirement plan.

How We Help With Installation

  • Preparing necessary plan documents to assure you of full compliance with all current legal requirements.
  • Creating and implementing a communications program that will disseminate benefit plan information to you and your employees so as to promote your employees’ appreciation of the plan.
  • Preparing and distributing the necessary plan disclosures through group or individual meetings to acquaint employees with the benefits of the plan.
  • Preparing reports required by governmental agencies and assist in securing all approvals of the Internal Revenue Service and other governmental agencies. These activities are designed to relieve you and your staff of the obligations of preparing and filing the appropriate regulatory papers and forms.

Administrative Services

After your plan has been installed, a Retirement Plan Consultant will be assigned to provide your company with ongoing plan servicing and oversight.

How We Help With Administrative Services

  • Preparing annual valuations to ascertain the plan is meeting both its financial obligations to your employees and the company’s financial objectives.
  • Accumulating employee census and plan data to prepare mandatory annual compliance testing, allocate employer contributions and forfeitures and to prepare Internal Revenue Service Form 5500.
  • Handling benefit distributions in the event of a participating employee’s death, disability, retirement or termination.
  • Designing comprehensive employee benefit statements and other employee communication programs to achieve better understanding and appreciation of your benefit plans by your employees.
  • Providing recordkeeping and annual administrative services, including individual benefit statements for all types of retirement plans, formulating the required data and reports for your auditors, the Internal Revenue Service and other regulatory agencies, so your staff is not burdened with these reporting responsibilities.
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